Portable Tool Carts present tools for quick, orderly identification, easy retrieval, convenient return, and effective visual management with the most notable feature being the tool presentation. Its presentation plane may be set at an angle that makes each piece readily visible and identifiable. Foam sheeting, with cutout compartments for each tool, makes tool storage and identification easy.
  The foam cutouts help protect hands from injuries when tools are stored or retrieved and protect tools with sharp edges by keeping them separated. An empty pocket provides a quick visual inventory of tools that are missing or misplaced. In certain industries such as aerospace tools must be accounted for in order to avoid potential product damage.
  Stationary or sliding shelving and flat surfaces, using plastics, wood or compo-sition boards, may be incorporated into the tool cart structure to accommodate the storage of tools, supplies, assembly components, or subassemblies.
  For the organization, the carts contribute to leaner operations and continuous improvement by supporting the Five S philosophy...straighten, standardize, shine, sweep and sustain...that helps enhance performance.


Compartmented Dunnage Carts/Racks (left) help to prevent part-to-part contact, strategically group parts for kit assemblies, present parts in sequential order to match assembly requirements, and provide quick visual identification of inventory levels to maintain continuous material flow.
  Their performance is achieved by being economically and easily tailored for virtually any application and can incorporate numerous features to help maximize handling and operational performance. Doors can be used to assure product retention or, with locks, to secure valuable components.
  Depending upon the application needs for strength and levels of protection, the dunnage may be constructed from fabric and foam for its cushioning affect, or plastics for durability and cleaning, or from coated or uncoated corrugated materials. The dunnage design may also accommodate ergonomic loading and offloading from either side of the unit.

Kitting Carts (right) are ideal for warehouses, automotive, aerospace and industries where kitting is beneficial. It provides ample shelving space, large part suspension, tool holders, and a host of available accessories to help transport, organize, store and safeguard components. Cart capacities range from 300 to 1000 lb. and shelves are easily adjustable. Large diameter casters provide excellent maneuverability. Wide selection of pipe colors allow customization by department for easier identification.