We have a product and service that can be a benefit for mechanics, machinists, or fabricators.  Everything goes more efficiently when your tools are organized.  No time is wasted looking for misplaced items.  At a glance the location and availability of a partiular item is obvious.  Missing tools stand out... where is it?  You don't become frustrated and wast energy.


We can "shadow" cut foam for tool outlines in any shape you wish. There is no need for you to cut or hack out foam with a razor knife. Send us the paper tracing and we will refine your shape and CNC route it out to any depth. Different thickness foam materials foam can be used for your varied locations.
Just ask.

The tool layout is customized the way you need it to be for standard tools or your special fixture.

Finger clearance is built to the sides so one handed pickup is possible.

The most frequently used items can be towards the front of the drawer or shelf.

Now anyone can put the tools back properly.